Deeply Beloved

Who are the Deeply Beloved? We Are!

From the beginning God has loved us. In Eden, God delighted to walk with us in the cool of the evening. Then God formed a people, revealing himself to them, leading them out of slavery, dwelling with them. Though God’s people often turned away, God sought them out and called them back into right relationship.

In Jesus, God is Emmanuel, deeply with us. Jesus accompanied His people, healing them, teaching them, loving them. Jesus showed us the greatest love by dying on a cross to save us, breaking the power of sin and death. And He rose from the dead, alive, to comfort His disciples, calling them to welcome people from all nations into the church.

When Jesus ascended, He sent the Holy Spirit to dwell with us, lead us, comfort us. The Holy Spirit continues to dwell in us today, and Jesus befriends us and continues to call us as disciples, while the Father continues to pour out great love upon us. We long for the day in the new creation when God will dwell with us, wiping away the tears from our eyes, and sorrow and suffering will be no more.

Though our lives are full of failure, though struggle surrounds us, though we constantly need grace and forgiveness, God seeks us and invites us to abide in the vine, entering deeply into the love relationship of the Trinity. We are met by God with compassion and tenderness as beloved daughters and sons. We are Deeply Beloved.

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