A Prayer of Adoration

“Your love, O Lord reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness stretches to the skies.”

You created everything in love. Oh the wonder and beauty that you have made.


Your love humbled itself, became one of us, and dwelled among us,

Jesus of Nazareth, Son of God, Messiah, Lord and Savior

And we know love because of this, that you loved us and gave your life for us.

In love, the Father raised you up, firstborn of the dead. 


You sent your Spirit, to dwell in your people.

We rejoice in the goodness of your salvation.

You are our good and present Lord, leading us in all your ways,

Offering us the fullness of joy.


Oh Lord, we rejoice in you. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We love you and give ourselves to you.


© Dale Gish 2019. All Rights Reserved.